Five Things that make a good DJ

To be a good DJ, a great music collection, perfect mixing, use of applications with DJ mixer online and sound technical knowledge (comes in handy during critical on-stage situations) are mandatory. Apart from these essentials, a good DJ has certain characteristic features that define their performance and their potential in this difficult industry. Read on … Continue reading “Five Things that make a good DJ”

Six reasons that explain why online music making is bliss!

Contemporary music aficionados love to make music online for reasons aplenty. Apart from being the easiest way to experiment with different notes, top quality music making applications offer a whole plethora of other benefits too. Read on to find out more reasons that explain why online music making is great joy! Making your own music … Continue reading “Six reasons that explain why online music making is bliss!”

Ground Breaking Artificial Intelligence System Guides Songwriters!

At SnapJam we have created several tools to help people create their own songs, and an important part of many songs is their lyrics. Anyone who has tried to write song lyrics knows it is not an easy task, especially when you want your song to become popular. The problem is not only to join … Continue reading “Ground Breaking Artificial Intelligence System Guides Songwriters!”

Bruno Magic in the Air

That’s exactly what we would call it too, in speaking about Bruno Mars and his new album set to launch November 18th. After some great immediate success, Mars has been a little m.i.a, and now we know why. This is said to be his best work yet. So special, that he held a private listening party … Continue reading “Bruno Magic in the Air”

SnapJam has arrived….

WOW! How exciting!! Our first blog post! In honor of such occasion, we thought we would take a moment to let you know who we are as well as touch on some of the great things coming from the music industry currently!   SnapJam can be only be described as an artist’s vehicle to get … Continue reading “SnapJam has arrived….”