By zwilliams2023
it is just the beat to the first song of my first album about my struggles and how I am getting through life.
3 years ago
Artist: LilZ
Album: Under
The chain snapped
I'm sinking to the bottom of the sea.
All this pressure pushing down on me,
My bones wanting to snap, crack, break in half.
I'm getting ****her from the surface,
I'm getting hotter, sweating like it's a furnace.
hit the seafloor
open my cage
let out my rage.
I look around, look at the crowd
jumping out their seats.
Then they disappear,
Why did they leave?
Where could they be?
I ain't even opened up on the beat.
They didn't even see that I'm Elite.
Take a minute to look I've got Nike's on my feet.
Come on believe me I'm the one to beat.
I'm bringing the heat,
My rhymes are tidy and neat,
I've got Mr.Clean
Anyone who steps up to me
I right-click and delete.
Clear the table so I can eat,
Don't accept defeat.
All I do is reach for new heights,
Take flight but something's making me fight.
I'm stuck but I'm not drunk
I can walk the line,
see right.
Say the alphabet, make rhymes.

I'm like a book, open
take a look, hope'n
I can get out of this crate,
I'm open like a gate.
Now there's a key, locked it.
It's too late,
Noone's getting in unless I see you fit.
Just wait,
We might seep like tea,
Or hit off like a tee,
Look you're in the green.
This all feels like a dream.
Pinch me, hit me, it's not what it seems.

I don't seem to recall mentioning
that I want the attention,
I didn't have the intention
of becoming the new sensation of my generation
or having, world domination,
Rapping gives me motivation, inspiration
Look at the sky I'm a new constellation.
Like an A-bomb going off, I emit radiation.
I have a fixation
and an obligation for
so I don't experience humiliation or accusation
for using abbreviations
while writing these rhymes just for adoration.
Born with the talent to soar like an eagle
You can call me evil
while I crush you like a beetle.
My heart is black like rolling coal from a diesel.
While that's true I am not,
Readable, beatable, pleasable,
going as fast as I am not even thinkable,
rhyming like me is not even dreamable,
The stuff I got on this page is not even eatable, drinkable.
But if you do the air around you won't be breathable.
My thoughts are hay-wire,
I'm unstoppable, unstable.
I'm a wildfire,
I'm uncontainable.
Not gonna slow down,
Not heaven bound,
Not sleeping sound,
Laughing all the way like a clown.
I'm the king now
Give me the crown.

You have no clue what I can do,
You have no clue what I've been through.
Take a look at my brain,
then try to call me sane.
My rhymes aren't plain,
reaching new heights like a plane,
I write for my fans, they complain.
Wanted to hit'em but I'm restrained.
Grab your ****ing neck, twist, and break.
I never am going away, coffee stain.
You're lucky that I refrain.
Not gonna be a one-hit-wonder,
Not Vanilla Ice,
Not gonna plunder,
I'm only being nice.
I'm a whole new spice,
A mix of everything, allspice.
Gonna push my luck, roll the dice,
Not all dis,
only a little bit.
My heart is cold, cold as ice.
I'm real wise,
To the top, I will rise,
Sitting up there is a prize.
Yeah! So what if I'm white.
Got you scratching your head, you got lice?
Piece of cake, take a slice.
Write me back pay the price.
Taking over it's a heist.
Don't need cash
just my life.

Sitting in this cell what is there to tell
My head is starting to crowd, getting loud,
my voices are starting to yell.
Stuck tryna climb out this well,
I was tripping and I fell.
Head is underwater
I'm starting to drown,
I'm counting down
as air is running out.
I'm gonna do what I can so I can keep my fans and get to the surface
so I can breathe again.

Because I'm still under.(Echo x2)


    Mexico, MO, USA
    I have a plan on being a professional rapper in my future I am currently working on an album called Under it is basically about all my struggles and how I have or will overcome them.
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