Go Kiyah

By jordanhicks361
For my new song called Go Kiyah
3 years ago
Artist: Baby Kiyah
Album: Kiyah
There go baby kiyah,Let her out yo,
They say go Kiyah go Kiyah go,
wake up I am shining,i am brushing my teeth like I am lying,
put my Jay's on my feet,
Walken outside with my shades on,
hop in the car like I am saucey,
here we go driving up to school,
my mom always saying be good make sure you make A's and B's
I be like yes ma'am I know i know I am not a baby
I am kinda of a big girl,i am Walken I see my bestie over look fly she right there when I am done Yea that her
they say go kiyah go kiyah go wake up I am shinning like a star
I always make A's in my class,peopel ask me how I do it how I do it
I say my mama told me to keep it doing good and foucs
they said go Kiyah go Kiyah go
It Me ride around town looked like I own it
They say go Kiyah go Kiyah go wake I am shinning see Walken
like I am dying I am on Fleek no matter I stay strong when ever
I get my nail done
I've been break scene I was 8
now I am 13 my brithday past couple weeks ago
Peace yall see me on the block
they say go Kiyah go Kiyah go wake I am shinning
peace baby kiyah y'all......
go Kiyah go Kiyah go Peorid Sis go Kiyah go Kiyah go let them now
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