2 years ago
Artist: Malachy Lehnan and Jasmine Caskey
These are my siblings
Family says were so similar
All I know is that we're adverse
He is always there

I get grounded for their actions,
but he gets the attention
They yell at me for practicing
But I know they look up to me
What is it that they need or want

These are my relatives
I hate them everyday
But I still "love" them

They say I will get over it and they're smart
But I, still, don't, believe this much
We are perfect

These are my siblings.
He hates me when we argue
She wants to put makeup on me

All in all we do love each other
Snuggling while watching movies.

These are my siblings.
Family says we are so similar.
But now we will still argue
But they proved me wrong.
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