I'm Wrong

4 months ago

Every night I close my eyes

Every night I feel something

Every night I think it's real

Some nights I'm wrong


Most nights I'm right

Every night I'm scared

Some nights I freeze

Some nights I run

Some nights I fight


I will forever carry those scars

The fears are slowly controlling me

Some days I wake up

I think to myself

This day MIGHT be okay


I'm sometimes right

I'm sometimes wrong

You know I miss ya when you're gone

I still hate what you did

That's ome thing I'll never forget

But I can forgive


So I sing a song to the people that hurt me

To the ones that beat me

The ones who crushed my heart

I will not stand down


Seein' me and him back then

I see myself as a fool

I can't believe I trusted you

So I payed the price


I did this to myself

I put the trust in the wrong person

This is my fault

I can't let you take all the blame


This terrible day

I have fallen down this road again

I need to sleep it off

I'm feelin' like I could have stopped it


I know it ain't true

I can't help but feel this

And it hurts me

Not a little, but a lot

I have changed today

And not for the best


You took my virginity

I clearly messed up somewhere

I deserved it

So screw me


You didn't do anything wrong

I see that now

Please forgive me

You didn't deserve to go to prison

I deserved every minute

You were right


I'm sorry



    When it comes to your life, I'm your Scottish soldier. I'm the most loyal person you will ever meet. I'm 14, tall af, and TAKEN
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