LGBTQ+ Rights

By Poison Apple
3 years ago

It is ok to be gay or lesbian or bai or transe or anything else. But that might just make life a little harder for you because society seems to have a problem with people who are different. I think we should embrace them. People are going to be rude to you and mean to you and treat you a little bit worse then averybody else. But who cares. If you were brave enough to share with the world that you are different, then you are brave enough to stand up for it too. So to the people that are different and brave enough to embrace it, you are blessing from god. And if you turn this down and judge this, then you and all of your mind are a sin. That is what I think about that.


This was requested by loveisfake_101

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    Poison Apple

    Poison Apple

    I like all types of music. I am not a professional in any way. I would like to collab with anybody.
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