Poem: they dont know

By Katie
1 year ago

Fake little smiles that fool everyone, even yourself.

Feelings unknown to anyone but you, hidden in the highest locked shelf

Sparkling eyes that people confuse with happiness but it’s the unshed tears

No one knows what’s happened to you or about all of your pretty little fears

Twinkling voice laced with pain that people believe is joy

And the heavy way you carry yourself could just be problems with a boy.

And suddenly living your life became a chore

To not let anyone close enough to see that you aren’t really there anymore.

Wearing a mask as your disguise

And you keep trying to hide

Everything that is breaking inside

It feels like a tornado

And every feeling is like a volcano

And you’re about to erupt 

And you know ur going to hurt everyone you love

You feel like you can’t take it anymore

But everyone that you adore

Is keeping you tied here

And all you want to do is leave cause everything is unclear

Everyone around you wants you gone

Because people keep saying rumors about how you’re wrong

Or how you looking at you reminds them of a nasty song


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