Dear best friend...

By Gabriela.EXE
3 years ago

Dear best friend...

I hope that your good

Genuinely  good.

Since you've been gone it hasn't been easy

I just wanna say thank you!

Even though it broke me into a million peaces when you left..

I want to say thank you !

Even though i miss you everyday

I wanna say thank you!

Thank you for inspiring me

Inspiring me to face my fears..

you make me wanna be better

you make me wanna work by myself

And even though doing this without you is hard,

I'm doing it.

And I wish you can see me.

And I wish you can see me, Transform into this brand new person.

But your not here

And i just hope your proud of me.

I'm not mad,

Just a little pain.

But what's the sun without a little rain, right?

I once said said to myself i could conquer the world with one hand, 

as long as you were holding the other.

Now all I have is the thought of you holding it.

But i will still conquer the world no matter where you are

I will stay Strong and stand tall.

Because i know you wouldn't wanna see me fall..

Whatever success I'm celebrating I will always think of you first.

because your my biggest inspiration, 

and i want you to be proud of me.

I just. want you to be proud of me...

but i want you to keep going too!

I want you to win even though i can't be there to celebrate with you 

I want you to love yourself

 I want you to be yourself

be the light, that you always wanna see in the world.

You have everything that you need inside of you,

but you know that,

I told you more than enough.

but i want you to always remember...

I hope you remember my words when you feel alone,

I hope you remember all the words I told you when you were feeling down on yourself.

and I hope you find the strength to pick yourself back up if you ever fall

I know you can!

I know you will!

the person I saw inside of you can handle it all

You're strong

You're intelligent

You're wonderful

You can move mountains if you want to,

You should believe in yourself

because i believe in you!

and no matter what happens,

no matter what you do, 

no matter where you are in the world,

and no matter where I am,

I will always love you.

and that will never change.

 Maybe i am the sun

and you are the moon

 but even they can be seen together in the same sky sometimes..

Until we meet again...

take care!






    If I cry in front of you, I am really hurting. I HATE crying in front of people. I feel weak, like Im begging for sympathy & that's not me
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