Razors and Chains

By Shiro
2 years ago

I'm better off dead
It's always the same
It's all razors and chains

Break and mend, hear the call
A crack in the sky
Be a friend, build a wall
And I'll be the fly

I've been staring out the window
At the world burning down
You can nail it to my head
No, I'm not wearing the crown

It's not safe inside my head

I was made in the dark, original sin
Be the blade, leave your mark
And I'll be the skin
I've been living with no feelings
I get so sick and tired
Of just staring at the ceiling
While the room is on fire

I need keys that can't be made
The sun and the shade
A needle and thread
What I feel is best unsaid



    Just your average 19 year old,; Majorly Insecure, Loves Music, and Introvert;; Don’t judge others just because they sin differently than you
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