First Song

By alexis_xoxo
8 months ago

I love everything about you;all your crazy flaws. I love how you can’t see the perfect in you. Take a moment and pause. Your smile,your laugh. Your gentle touch. Your desire to make me happy is just to much. You only want what’s best for me and I love that. Every word I’ve told you, every I love you, I’m never gonna take back and I need you to see that. You make me happy, and bring out my best. Every day I think of you, I know that I’m blessed. 


I’ve had time to reflect. Time to think of life. Time to get my facts checked. I want you and only you. You mean the world for me and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do; to make you happy and just to see you smile, the things I would do aren’t limited by a few. I love every time I get to spend with you and I want you to know that my love for you will never be something new. 


You make me go crazy, every thought of you makes my stomach flip. Every word you say is like a hug rolling off of your lips. Everytime I see you, I can’t help but do a doubletake; guess that proves my love for you isn’t fake. Your funny and always know what to say; a day with out you makes the sky turn gray. I need you to know this and I need you to know now; I love you and everything you do. I will forever and always only love you.




    Houston, TX, USA
    Dark brown hair 5'7 Tan Athletic 14 yrs old bday 12/30/05 gig em aggies!!! :) Hailey's sister TAKENNNN by the most perfect guy ik! :)
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