Mind if I talk about World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands?

By Briek Epsiom
1 year ago

I don't have anything to give anyone else insight about, just complaining about one of my favorite characters. This spoils....a lot. And, I'm not talking gameplay mechanics right now.


So, fan-favorite character Sylvanas Windrunner is on the chopping block for characters being hit with the villain bat right now, and it's now a thing that she's a sevant to some powerful Thanos-like entity called the Jailer, who some people think may be the most powerful character in WoW history, for some reason. I mean, kinda hard to beat out Arthas and the Scourge, but whatevs, I'm open to surprises.


Anyway, this completely ****ed with her character, for numerous reasons, including the fact that the game's faction war that's been going on since Wrath of the Lich King has been trashed in favor of man pain stories involving 3 meme characters and the utter pits of leadership that would make whoever participated in the Red Wedding look positively charmin in comparison. If you're wondering what I mean, the game has two essential factions, the Alliance, and the Horde. The Alliliance consists of the races of humans, gnomes, dwarves, Draeni, Lightbourne Draeni, High Elves and the Night Elves (y'know, to an extent), most of whome (excluding the Night Elves) value the idea of the Light, a weird thing that's a little bit like Christianity, in a sense. All of whom get along and take out all of their grievances on the other races that make up the Horde.


The Horse consists of the trolls, Tauren, High Mountain Tauren, orcs, Madghar orcs, all of whom get along well with the Alliance even in spite of bad blood from previous wars, and then the Forsakken (essentially magic zombies occasionally brought to life by Valkyr), Nightbourne (secondary race of Night Elves), Blood Elves, Bilgewater Cartel and the Zandalari (basically the trolls, but from Wakanda), who absolutely DO NOT get along with the Alliance. Because, again, the Alliance likes taking their grievances out on other races a lot. As far back as Wrath, the Forsakken were viewed as abominations unworthy of the Light and only deserved to be killed off with no remorse. When Sylvanas Windrunner, who was Ranger General over the High Elves before the Ligh King's invasion and her subsequent raising into undeath for his army, went to them for aide, they simply attacked. So, she reached out to the Horde, and the Warchief at the time, and most hated character, Thrall, welcomed them in with open arms.


Then, on two different occasions, the Alliance tried to decimate the Blood Elves, one time for really no reason, and the other because after Mr. Orc Hitler and Warchief at THAT time after Thrall, Garrosh, bombed the city of Theramore, and Lady Jaina Proudmore assumed the Blood Elves were to blame, because she kinda racist and saw a few Blood Elves aiding Garrosh when carrying the bomb, thereby deciding to orchestrate a mass purge of them, where any who resisted were slaughtered, and the rest imprisoned and likely tortured to death, anyway. So, they seek help from the Illidari, a band of demon hunters, for aide, but that doesn't really go anywhere, so Sylvanas Windrunner welcomes them in with open arms.


The Nightbourne were basically Night Elves who protected their city with a magical barrier akin to that of the Crystal Empire's from MLP, and over a few hundred or thousand years, change SIGNIFICANTLY, and after their Queen, and later Cthulu but Rule 63'd, Azshara betrays the nation and decimates the barrier, a resistance is held against the people still loyal to the Queen and Elisande, which FAILS. As the city gets burned to the ground by the Burning Legion, an unstoppable army composed of potential MILLIONS of other armies, the remainders seek the Night Elves, some of the Blood Elves and the High Elf leadership for aide, and they all try to attack, with some Blood Elf *****, Tyrande (who is worst girl and who initially turned them away out of little more than paranoia), and Vareesa Windrunner (Sylvanas' sister) leading the charge, so the Nightbourne seek the Horde for aide, and the leader of the resistance Thalyssra gets it. The Bilgewater (they're basically goblins) get attacked because relations with the Alliance go sour, and they attack them. The Zandalari, in Battle for Azeroth, get attacked by the Alliance and have their King killed just after a traitor from within tried to subplant their gods and burn the continent of Zandalar to the ground.


All of this culminates even worse when after Sylvanas discovers Nazerite, a mining operation is set up and when the Alliance gets wind of it, they attack again and kill a bunch of goblins, so a plan is set up to destroy the Night Elf nation as a whole, by killing all of the Sentinels, slaughtering the citizens, raising the lands and killing off the Night Elf leadership....or at least Malfurion, because **** that guy. This plan was concocted.....by Sylvanas....wait, I'm sorry, I mean Varrok Saurfang, racial leader of the Orcs, and High Overlord. Or, rather, former. He's dead now. His idea was to destroy the nation as a whole and the MOST IMPORTANT part of that being killing Malfurion, which he couldn't do because of a """""""dishonerable""""""" attack. So, he lives, the plan fails, and the Alliance hears, but because Sylvanas isn't ****ing around, she says, "I'm burning your tree, get the **** off my continent". So, she burns down Teldrassil, and that kicks off Battle for Azeroth, where she gets turned into the villain. And throughout the entire game, it's full of retcons and bullshit to cast her shadow into a bad light and make the Alliance leadership seem credible. Saurfang spares the Alliance King, Anduin, on the war over Lordearon, and he gets taken prisoner later, where he lays bear his belief that Sylvanas Windrunner is going too far and must be stopped. Sylvanas has a plan to kill off Jaina, who pretty much orchestrated the attack on Zandalar and assasination of the Zandalari King Rastakhanm, by raising her brother into undeath and mind controlling him into slaughtering her and her leadership in their sleep, pretty much as she puts it. Racial leader of the Tauren Baine Bloodhoof decides that's too dishonorable and lets Derek go free, and when Sylvanas executes another traitor, he says she's betraying the Horde, yada yada yada. 


Blood Elf racial leader Lor'Themar betrays Sylvanas because he wasn't okay with the fact that Sylvanas wanted Baine executed for treason, and so, along with Jaina, Saurfang and some ****weed named Zekhan, or as we in WoW communities call him, Zappy Boi, they go to bring back...........THRALL.....who is, the worst mother****er in existence. Seriously, everyone hates him at this point. He says he won't help the Horde, but when Sylvanas sends out assasins to kill him and Thrall finds out, he says, "Duuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrr........okay," and comes back. Anduin gets upset about the whole war and demands peace over justice, especially considering the fact that most of the Faction War was started because of everything the Alliance was doing and how much bullshit the Alliance leadership kept pilling up. Like how Gen Greymane, righthand pooch werewolf to the King, tried to kill Sylvanas because of what happened elsewhere during the Legion expansion, despite knowing full well the Horde wasn't to blame, and Anduin EXPLICITLY told him not to do it, or how the Night Elves kept ****ing up everything and how their imprisonment of Illidan Stormrage pretty much allowed the Legion to have even a chance of returning, or how the Alliance and their leaders keep doing that **** on the constant to all of the other races that aren't within the Alliance dogma of Light obsessed purity.


The game devs also rewrote all of the characters except for the worst ones into shittier versions of themselves in so many ways, and just shat all over eveything the Horde was working on to justify making Sylvanas the villain. Even though, she has consistently been the most effective and trustworthy Warchief and Horde Leader until this point, and there's also the fact that she extended her hands out to at this point 4 different races, and 2 of them still viewed her as a hero. And is also THE fan favorite character. More than Anduin, more than Arthas, more than ANYONE ELSE. And Blizzard DOES NOT LIKE WOMEN. ESPECIALLY when they are in positions of power and not simpering wallflowers to their husbands. ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY when they;re the most capable people in the room while all the men mope about their "hONoR" more than Season 1 Zuko of TLA. And, at this point in Shadowlands, she's.....probably beyond all hope. Tyrande's killing all the best characters, including ****ING NATHANOS, MUH BOI NATHANOS, **** YOU, TYRANDE!!!! The Horde leadership is being replaced with Alliance bootlickers, puppets and acutal leadership, like Calia Menethil (yes, sister of ****ing ARTHAS, and who also orchestrated numerous attacks against the Forsakken).


At this point, it sems as if Sylvanas was just turned into another Garrosh for the sake of the weird-*** men who can't fathom a world where the WOMZ are capable of doing things and may have a point that would shatter the precious ego of the salty *******s who hate her and stan the characters that, despite seemingly set up as the good guys, are the ones who in no small part are the ones who are contributing to the very problems that everyone else is having to solve in the first place, because we all know that the Alliance is most certainly not a cult that has a body count higher than any faction ever will have and which utterly decimates the Horde's in every way and that the leaders do NOT have an entire history with underhanded, accusedry rhetoric to avoid the simple fact that they deserve every bit of ridicule they've unquestionably earned through their own destructive acts of terrorism towards any race that's not light enough for them, or that constantly they've never been able to reign in their **** for five minutes and stop killing things and being paranoid enough to make any actual relations with other races or solve any sort of conflicts, or which consistantly keep breaking treaties that the Alliance and the Horde keep setting up in the first place due to very strong grudges, usually Greymane, who is also the right hand poodle to the King, and who as such never has to suffer the consiquences of his actions and who always points the finger at the creepy lesbian and her token straight friend, OR......that they've always been like this. Blizzard just doesn't want to let people see that. Because their writers share a lot of those beliefs and also, much like Malfurion Stormrage.....REALLY DON'T like women.


Also, Shadowlands is ****, and it's interface is stupid, and every theme after Wrath for the Main Menu has just been Wrath, the game plays weird, and I hate the only-game mechanics that they've been making, Azeroth costs 60 ****ing bucks in stores still, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, **** TYRANDE!!! HER AND HER IDIOT SELF AND HUSBAND, CRAPPING ON ILLIDAN, WHO DID MORE TO STOP THE LEGION THAN THEY EVER DID, AND WHO ONLY SERVE TO BE SIMPERING AND COWARDLY IDIOTS AND WHO COULDN'T EVEN TAKE OUT NATHANOS!!!! THE MOST POWERFUL NIGHT ELVES EVER, AND STRONGEST CHARACTERS IN THE GAME AT THIS POINT CAN'T EVE-


(Briek.exe has stopped working. Please....try agian later)

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