Love LGBTQ+ Tata's Music

Dragon Beats
91 2 0
Dragon Beats
I tried
60 1 0
Dragon Beats
My Lucky
42 2 0
Dragon Beats
My Baby
54 3 0
Dragon Beats
T and S
59 2 0
Dragon Beats
me and my bestie
306 1 0
Dragon Beats
183 1 0
80 2 0
Back Door
30 2 0
Love LGBTQ+ Tata

Love LGBTQ+ Tata

Greensboro, NC, USA
I am a singer and I like sad songs, pop, rmb, hip hop, and rock, koren also. I am a Aries but I am mean only if your mean first. Been single for almost a year pls someone date me but other times I am not single.
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