Broken And falling apart  from my journal

Broken And falling apart from my journal

By FoxyThePirate
8 months ago

Entry 1: I am Just so fuckin pissed at Gina Laprairie Thinking that she’ll get away with all the stupid shit she's trying to do. Now I have her to deal with great!!!  I am so fucking stressed out dealing with school and now her dumbass, IT IS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE PERIOD Also I found out That the Blood Gang is coming after me I hate being 16 already....  Is it really that hard to live a normal fuckin life? That Fucking hard to the point we all just burst and explode full of hatred and disgust making us all monsters and not the one who truly is a monster. I feel like that’s what people are trying to make me look as such.... Being called a School Shooter every day is also BULLSHIT AND COMPLETELY IDIOTIC.... 




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