me and angie's story so far

me and angie's story so far

By Femboy Hooters
1 year ago


William - The 17 year old with big pp energy yes

Charlotte - loli number 1 but she’s actually 17

Annabelle - a mysterious girl that is in constant search of the “dark ones” 

Scarlett - loli number 2 but shes also 17
Robert - Williams HOT brother whos gay and is 27 years old 

Xavier - William’s best friend 

Alex - The trap

Zachery - The HOT dad 

Jenna - The HOT mom
Ms. Ooga - The HOT female teacher
Mr. Egg - The HOT male teacher ;)

Alester - Professional ****boy

Williams foster dad

Williams foster mom  

Dark ones club



Monday Morning - 7:23 AM l High school 

William is once again disguised as a teen looking for teens to molest. He saw his friend Scarlett walk over to him. Her skirt is short asf because she's a loli. William had an idea he wanted to put to action. He then walked over to scarlett and greeted her. “Good morning Scarlett” he said to Scarlett while looking at her skirt. ‘’Hey William my eyes are up here!’’ she said in her high pitched annoying voice. William then said “Alright you caught me. Wanna hang out after school at my house? I got smash ultimate”.’’Oh okay, we can also smash other things  if ya know what i'm sayin ;)’’ Scarlett said in a rather flirtatious manner. “Alright then i’ll see you after school ;)” William responded.Scarlett giggled in a shrek voice and ran off to first period because the bell rang go to class william jfc.William enters his first class…….science where he saw his HOT teacher Mr. Egg. William realised his B O N E R so he quickly put his bag over his B O N E R
To cover his B O N E R. But his B O N E R was so big that it raised up the backpack and all the other students saw and made fun of him.’’Shut up stop being jealous of my large B O N E R’’ he shouted. He was then approached by Mr. Egg and he said “Don’t worry, I used to have boners in public like this you’re not the only one”. William looked into Mr. Egg’s eyes and blushed lightly uwu.. ‘’Yes Mr. Daddy Egg owo!!’’ After that whole ordeal it was time to go his elective period which was art. He arrived into class and was greeted by his other HOT teacher Ms. Ooga. ‘’Hello Ms. Ooga.. looking mighty.. Fresh today ;)’’ She flirtatiously responds “Ooooh William I can say the same about you”.William blushed.. ‘’T-thank you Ms. Ooga..’’ and went to sit down to hide another one of his B O N E R S. Xavier his best friend came to sit next to him and asked what’s under his hands..’’N-nothing’’ he blushed. William then swiftly changed the topic and says “So………..have you heard that new ANIME series euphoria you should really watch it. It’s packed with so much action and drama” William stayed silent ‘’Xavier can we go to the bathroom together real quick??’’ He said blushing.”Um….Sure???” Xavier answered. William grabbed his hand and took him into the women's restroom by mistake and went into a stall and unzipped his pants to reveal his massive B O N E R. Xavier very confused ask William what’s going on while staring at his manhood.’’I'm in heat you dumbass now SUCC’’ he aggressively responds. Xavier then says “No, Im sorry but I don’t want to”.’’But why? Everyone loves my B O N E R’’ he says confused. Xavier then says sadly “I’m sorry but there’s something i didn’t tell you when we became friends…………………..I’m actually…………….STRAIGHT!”.’’NOOOOOOO XAVIER DON'T DO THIS TO ME I'M IN TOO MUCH HEAT’’ William exclaimed. Xavier out of pity then agrees but only once. William suddenly moaned out ‘’The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal bodeboop. A sing lap should be completed every time you hear this sound. ding Remember to run in a straight line and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark. Get ready!… Start. Ding’’ Xavier shocked and turned on by his moans began to have an E R E C T I O N. Xavier then imediately dropped to his knees and did the dirty deed.William was moaning so loud the school could hear it all.. Soon they heard footsteps.They both get dressed and escape back to class before anyone finds out that they’ve been in there. . ‘’Thanks Xavier we should do that again sometime ;)’’ William said out of excitement.Xavier then said while blushing heavily “Yeah...we should do that again”. Class ended and William went to his 3rd period, Math class. Nobody cares so lets justs skip to break where he sat down with Scarlett and Charlotte.”So how’s your day” he said to  both of them. Charlottle giggled ‘’There were 2 guys having sex in the girls bathroom!!’’

William blushed and then said “hehe...I wonder who they could be”.Scarlett then said‘’We know it was you and someone else William’’.William then laughed and said “Alright you caught me but don’t worry i still saved some for you after school ;)”.’’You better!!’’ Scarlett said ‘’I thought u were gay though’’. “Oh no, I’m Pan” William answered. “What’re you two chatting about there?” Charlotte asked.’ “Oh nothing sister.. Hehe’’ Scarlett asnwers. Break ends and everbody heads to their next classes but those aren’t important so the story skips to after school.


Monday Evening - 6:45pm l On the way to William’s House

Scarlett was walking home with William and she asked ‘’So smash bros then Smash hoes?’’

William then answers her by saying “As long as my parents aren’t here we can do whatever the hell we want”.’’Okay then. Lets get everything set up’’ Scarlett says. They enter Williams house and luckily for them his parents aren’t here. So they begin to get their nintendo switches and their condoms. William hooks up his Switch to the tv in his room and they begin playing.’’Okay a few rounds than we can get busy.. With homework’’ Scarlett says mischievously. They then begin playing and the whole 15 rounds they played William mained jiggly puff and won 6 times and Scarlett mained Kirby and won 9 times and prior to the game they made a bet on whoever wins the most rounds gets to be top thus william has to be bottom. ‘’Haha I won and got on top… therefore I have to top you!!’’ Scarlett bragged. “FFine. It lagged but I’ll let you be top to be nice” William says while getting his clothes off and his condom on. Scarlett just smirked ‘’Ima get water’’ leaving William there, naked and with a condom. 5 minutes pass and William is still waiting on the bed wondering what’s taking scarlett so long.

Suddenly she comes back in with a box ‘’Look what I found in your kitchen’’.William then becomes concerned and ask her what she found.’’I found a box, lets open it!!’’ Scarlett says excitedly. “Yeah, let’s open it” William says with an anxious look on his face. Scarlett gets a box cutter and opens it up.. And its filled with a BUNCH of kinky toys. She then says “This day just keeps getting better more better. Wanna use them before your parents get back??’’ “Sure...why not” He responds. “’Which one should we use first Senpai?’’ Scarlett says seductively. “How about that butt plug” William says. Scarlett then responds ‘’Okay!! Turn around William’’. “NANI!!!” William says scared for his little butthole. “’You’ll like it i promise’’ Scarlett said. “Alright I’ll try it” William said while turning around.Scarlett then grabbed the buttplug and shoved it up his ass ‘’Anything?’’ “OH GOD THAT FELT GOOD!!!” William exclaimed.’’Jeez its that good?? I can get another one’’ Scarlett said. “No thanks. This is enough” William said ‘’Too late!!’’ she said while shoving another one in there ;))) William then screams “OH GOD NOW THAT JUST HURTS!!” ‘’Just let it sink in a little..’’ scarlett explained. “NOPE IT’S YOUR TURN!!!” William says while turning around Scarlett’s small body ‘’Hold on wait I'm top!!’’ She exclaims. “NOT ANY MORE YOUR NOT!!!” He agressively says while shoving his massive pp inside her little loli hole. ‘’T-THATS NOT WHAT WE AGREED ON!!!’’ She exclaims while moaning like a loli. William picks her up and puts her on top like a ****ing simp and shouts “THERE HAPPY NOW!!!”. ‘’Yeah now continue’’Scarlett says. William then begins to thrust his massive pp into Scarlett’s little girl loli hole and he does this for like………….an hour.. But soon his parents get home without them noticing they arrived.They still do the dirty deed until they hear the someone coming up the stairs. “’I think someones coming’’ Scarlett whispered. “Oh ****! Just when i was about to cum…….get dressed and hide in my closet” William whispered back. “Okay!!’’ she quickly put on her clothes and ran into the closet. William’s dad then opens the door and sees him naked. ‘’Son what are you doing??’’ William dad said. “I’m……….masturbating?” William said. “To what? I don't see any porn videos’’ the dad responded. “I’m thinking of girls and beating my meat to them?” William responded. ‘’Well.. Let me join you ;)’’ His dad said incest-y. William said aware that Scarlett’s still in his closet “Umm no thx i already busted my nut”.’’I can help you bust another one~’’ his dad said getting closer to William. William backs up and says “No really i’m ok you can go now. Better yet where’s mom?”. ’’Shes cooking, dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes.. That gives us some time.. Son~’’. “No, dad please leave my room i need to get dressed” William says.’’’okay son.. Tomorrow maybe?’’ His dad ask. “Yeah” William says.

Scarlett then says “What the **** is going on out there” a little bit too loud and the dad hears.

“Wait, what was that?” the dad asked. “Nothing” William said tensly. ‘’Is there someone else in here William?’’ his dad said kinda angry. “No dad, why would I have anybody else here” William said with a nervous expression on his face.Williams dad walked over to the closet and and placed his hand on the knob very slowly ‘’Are you sure William?’’. “Yes I’m very sure dad” Williwam said while sweating.Williams dad turned the knob and opened the closet to see… nothing ‘’Oh I guess you were right son I’ll go downstairs now’’And he walked off. Scarlett got out ‘’Dumbass hoe didnt see me behind the clothes”. “Whew that was close, but now my only concern is getting you home” William said. ‘’I can stay the night, I’ll ask my non-existent dad’’ Scarlett suggested. “PERFECT!!!” he said as if he had a brain blast moment. “I have to go down for dinner but i’ll bring back some food. Wait for me here and hide so we can finish what we started'' he said. Then Scarlett responded “Yeah yeah don’t worry about it”. 


Tuesday morning - 7:00 l On the way to school

Scarlett  and Williams were walking to school after spending the night and ****ing for like 5 hours.

“Whew that was a wild night.” William says while yawning.’’Yeah it was’’ Scarlett replied ‘’Now get ready for school’’.  ‘’Why didn't you come home last night Scarlett??’’ Charlotte asked. ‘’Oh I was busy.. Teehee’’ Scarlett replied “You were busy alright” William teased.’Oh so you two were ****ing all night??’’ Charlotte said, kind of annoyed. “No………..” William said as Charlotte gave him a stern look. ‘’William lets talk somewhere else really quickly’’ Charlotte said in a ****ed off voice.

“Sure” William obliged.They walked away from Scarlett ‘’You may be a male with a big ***** but I will give better head than you ever will… Scarlett is MY LOLI you got that??’’ Charlotte said very upsetly. “But aren’t you guys like sisters? Not only that but what makes you think you can stop me?” William boldly said.’’We may be sisters, but we’re still lolis.. Besides what makes you think i can't stop you??’’ Scarlett retaliated. “Hmmm your logic is undeniable. So I’ll do you a favor and not get in your way but if she wants the D i have no choice but to give it to her” William said.’’You are soooo gonna catch an STD..’’ Charlotte said. “Wait NANI!?!?!?!?!?” William exclaimed.’Well yeah, if you keep going around doing the dirty then of course you might catch one..’’ Charlotte explained.”I can’t catch it unless I do the dirty deed with someone who has a STD” William said until he quickly realized what that meant. ‘’Someone could lie about it, or not even know they have it’’ She purred



    Femboy Hooters

    Femboy Hooters

    Pussay, France
    キーボードのダチは、アニメ、フェラチオ、コメディ、ジャズ、アニメが好きです 4u$$y 8/10 ;) single ;-; intercourse your emotions(or **** your feelings)
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