By Goober Syd
3 years ago

I'm leaving Snapjam because apparentyly I ws "copyrighting" something and saying cuss words. I wasn't cussing at all and I said many times that things weren't mine but that wasn't enough so yea. I just wanna say that I love all the friends I made and that this is the end of Snapjam but I am on other website where I do my karaoke still so yea. Also, @manager of snapjam, I'm a female, not male. I'm sorry to all those who really like talking to me and who actually didn't hate me. I really liked getting on here nd chillin' with friends and honestly, thats all I did, I didn't cuss either so I don't know why he said I did. Anyway, this is goodbye from me and I wanna just shoutout all my friends who talked to me day in and day out and didn't seem to hate me. I will miss you and I will still try to listen to your content, but I won't post anymore.



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