By _pur3r0s3
1 year ago


i want anyone to sing this rap this watever i will choose 3 peoples(If they participate) and make theiir voices into the beats there will be 3 lyrics posted sometime soon please do it i tend to be bored heres the first one!

Trying to save my destiny 

 The voiceless night that sings my sorrows 

 The sirens cried in vain

 I can hear the thunder crying

 A thousand years of false relief

 Just a little bit of heaven and a whole lot of hell

 Time and space will slip away

 The road to nowhere

 Unplug the clock and throw it out

 My past became my only fantasy

 The future becomes the past

 Feels like my life has lost its sting

 Stop wasting your pain

 I’m a little too tired to look at this world

. On the border of an endless nightmare

 Drowning in a sea of hope

 When everything you have had been erased

 The spark of life still burns inside of me 

 It burns a torch of pain

 Trapped inside a maze of moments



    Houston, TX, USA
    Sophmore I Make Beats, I'm not a pro in any way insta : or @ _mmmm_tired_
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