Daily Reminder

By alexxis_xoxo
28 days ago

this is for the ladies....well at least the first part is....ladies, find a guy(or girl) who stares at you like youre the prettiest girl in the world. (for everyone) find someone who makes you smile without even saying anything. find someone who gives you butterflies. find someone who loves you for you....find someone who will never EVER let you say anything bad about yourself...and when you find them, never let them go. Find someone that loves every part of you. Someone who, that when youre sleepy, you fake not being tired just so you can talk to that special someone longer. All yall deserve someone who is obsessed with you(not creppy thooo). I like this guy. I know heś special because no matter what mood im in (mad, sad) he can always make me smile. I like this guy...everytime i look at him i get butterflies...every time he looks at me, it feels like im on a roller coaster...and not to mention his smile. I would do anything to hold on to him forever. Just yalls daily reminder that you guys will find that someone one day....i promise.


alexxis :)



    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    15 5´8 Make sure yall follow and be on the look out for my daily tips/reminders(relationships,family,friends,drama,crushes,life,ect). if you ever need to talk message me. Love you guys a bunch! xoxo -a
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