Hey, Son Hamedo

Hey, Son Hamedo

By Briek Epsiom
1 year ago

Dude, you need to ****ing learn how to not be a creep and you need to learn fast.


Stop. Texting women. When they clearly tell you to leave them alone. It's not a joke when they say "STOP". It's a simple, four-lettered word. STOP. Can you not ****ing read it? Or are you just too proud and stupid to care?


I'll leave it to your interpretation.


Don't know what I'm on about?


Are you saying to yourself right now that you have no idea what I'm on about?


Well, let me break it to you straight.


I know what happened with you and SDot, and I'd like to go a step further and say, we've got the screenshots.


SDot's got 'em, I've got 'em, you aren't slick.


You're not clever, you aren't a badass, and let it be know that I will be the first to show people how much of a perverted little **** you are.


Because it's not just a matter of you did something completely abhorant, disgusting and cruel with absolutely no regard for the person who you made extremely uncomfortable. We can get police in on this. You do leave something on the internet called.......I dunno........ a digital footprint?


So, yeah, either behave yourself, or get exposed. This is your only warning. I hear one more person in my inbox telling me that your creeping on women, or worse, I'm doing it, and I'll be sure to have two sets of screenshots.


Kay?........ Kay.

    Briek Epsiom

    Briek Epsiom

    A boring ****** who you don't need to know much about. Everyone is valid in my messages. I'll always listen to your problems. HOWEVER. Stop ****ing spamming my **** with your friend requests. I'm not your bff. Big bro to Tae and Angie
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