Everybody dies in their nightmares

By Gabriela.EXE
3 years ago

Don't go, don't go to sleep
Don't go, stay up and don't go

Tired of feelin' like I'm trapped in my damn mind
Tired of feelin' like I'm wrapped in a damn lie
Tired of feelin' like my life is a damn game
bleeeep really wanna die in the night time

Only time I feel pain, when I'm feelin' love
That's why it's tatted on my face that I'm damn numb
Only time I'm in my mind, when I'm all alone
That's why I'm really never alone in the night time
Change hoes like clothes, I can't get attached
'Cause these hoes fire starters like lit matches
I've been feeling really lost, ducking all attachments
I don't really go outside 'cause I hate traffic
I don't wanna go outside, get caught in traffic




    If I cry in front of you, I am really hurting. I HATE crying in front of people. I feel weak, like Im begging for sympathy & that's not me
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