A Guide to Understanding Rap and Country Music

One of the important points to remember in order to succeed as a musician is to define the target audience by finding the most comfortable genre of music. Free online music making tools allow DIY musicians to experiment with different kinds of music and choose the genre that perfectly fits into their skill set. Two common types of music genres often experimented by musicians are rap music and country music.

Country music versus Rap music

  • Country and rap music are very dissimilar. To start with, country music (that originated in the southern part of US) is considered to be more rural while rap music is more urban in nature. Also, rap music is believed to be originated along the coastal regions of the country.
  • Rap music focuses on behavior and certain sad parts in the life of the singer. Country music on the other hand celebrates the little joys of life. Rap music does not necessarily carry a happy theme within it always. However, in most cases, country music brings forth happy feelings like love, innocence, caring and so on.
  • Country music has the reputation of being more formal while rap comes across as the more casual and hippie-styled music that is popular among lower classes of singers. Rap music, among other choices, is harder to get by.
  • The lyrics of these two types of songs differ greatly. There is in fact certain amount of profanity in rap music and this is not the case when it comes to country music.

Recently, SnapJam, a state-of-the-art browser-based music collaboration system released real time music making and collaboration websites. One of the websites is dedicated solely to musicians who focus on rap music while another one is meant for those interested in country music.

Similarities between country music and rap music

While there is clearly a difference in the style and the content of the music between rap and country music, there are few similarities between the genres too. Read on to find out what they are:

  • Both genres of music focus strongly on expressing intense feelings through the lyrics of the songs as well as through the style of singing.
  • Like most music types, rap and country style music expect singers to put in their complete honesty to make the song a reality.
  • Both music genres have huge fan following and the audience can clearly differentiate between music types.
  • Rap as well as country music requires immense talent and 100% effort from the singers in order to stand out of the competition.

Author Bio: Margaret Wills is a music teacher who writes interesting blog posts during her leisure time. Recently, she was greatly fascinated by the easy accessibility to free online music making tools and started to write more and more about these tools. Through her useful blogs, her own students as well as others have learnt about the various nuances of making music online.

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