Simple Songwriting Tips for Music Enthusiasts

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Lyric writing is often a challenge as it demands the writer to communicate strong emotions in the most precise manner. While the tune and the voice of the singer are the major factors that determine the success of a song, it certainly takes good lyrics to create a “hit” song.

Here are a few tips to help song writers and music enthusiasts find the best lyrics for their tunes.

Explore some literary techniques

Internal rhyme, alliteration and imagery are some of the language essentials you may have mastered in high school English classes. Try transferring these literary techniques to the art of writing lyrics. Explore how other song writers have used these techniques in their songs and derive a unique way to incorporate them into your own lyric writing style too.

Use a good music-making application

Many musicians and songwriters use music-making applications to create music online today. Some of these applications and software have in-built lyric assistants to help amateurs with the right and most suitable lyrics. The rapid growth of these music-making applications have inspired all types of music enthusiasts to create music online and these song writing software applications can be a great place to start with.

Convey a story

Some of the most touching and emotionally-powerful songs in the past have been about telling a real story with real emotions. Quite undisputedly, listeners and music lovers wish to derive some true meaning from the song and lyrics that bring forward a story can be truly satiating. Stories narrated through the lyrics of a song must be linear in nature always. In other words, the song must have a strong start and must offer a sense of closure to the listener.

Go with the flow

Self-criticism is often the first hurdle to overcome in order to achieve optimal creativity. Keep self-criticism away and allow your imagination to flow freely. This allows the writer to get over inhibitions and triggers the creativity inside. In order to get the best out of the free flow process, set a time (about 20-30 minutes) and start writing whatever flashes through the mind. Do not worry about the grammar of the language or spell checks. Continue to pen down all thoughts without letting other or self-criticism interfere. At the end, there would be some raw, creative material that can be shaped into finer lyrics later.

Rewrite and refine

Finally, after you have created the first or the second draft of the lyrics, take the time and effort to read through and make suitable corrections. Pay attention to the smallest details and change words, syllables, verse lengths and so on. This part of lyric writing is not spontaneous or free-flow. Changes made during this phase are more conscious and comprise of everything that is needed to elevate the song to the next level.

Paul Dmitri is a songwriter and a passionate blogger who loves to explore the various facets of the contemporary music world. He holds strong affiliation towards digital resources and has recently started to create music online for his own lyrics.

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