The Smartest Tips to be a Fantastic DJ

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A DJ can make a decent living by honing down the art. A good DJ, however, does not get to that place without pitfalls and road bumps as the industry is one of the hardest to crack. Today, anyone can get access to the hardware, DJ mixer online and other related applications thus making it more and more difficult for real talent to emerge.

Be flexible

If you want to rock a party, then you must not let a single scene to define your image. In the world of music, trends change constantly. You must know to shift from one genre to another easily. Remember, if your playlist is loaded with songs that are popular in just a single scene, your chances of failure are high. You can never predict how your crowd will react to a particular scene. So be flexible to do the jumps as required.

Update and organize your music collection

You spend your life collecting your songs. The key is to have them organized into folders and to learn where each song goes in. To stay updated, tap into the social media platform that comes connected with the DJ mixer online and follow up on the new trends. Connect with other DJs and producers to learn about what they like and what they are sharing. Know the history of the scene and stay informed about what is going on around you.

Marketing truly matters

Do you have a website or a social page or both? Ideally, you must own a website that makes it easy for people to find you and more than two social media profiles to stay connected with fans and potential clients. Technology has come a long way in helping DJs and musicians to establish a strong online presence. Take advantage of these facilities to market yourself flawlessly in front of the right audience.

Do more than mixing music

You may be using the best DJ mixer online but remember you need more than just that. Keep yourself fresh and active by staying involved with a whole bunch of related activities. For instance, publish a video that can help you connect with the fans at a more personal level. Talk to your clients about why they should hire you. You have a well-organized and a huge collection of fantastic songs and the art of transitioning from one number to another. And yet, these smaller tasks can make all the difference.

It may years for a DJ to start being offered regular booking and in their asking price. The waiting period is quite normal in the profession. However, all that matters is how well the DJ puts this waiting time to use and rises above the competition.

Noah Rogers is proud to admit that he is living off music for the past several years. A high-school dropout, Noah took to DJing at a very young age. He also has a strong passion for writing and publishes blogs about the art of DJing and shares handy tips too.

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