Experiencing Musical Success through Collaboration

“Two heads are better than one” is a well-known adage. It is an undeniable truth that team work produces far more satisfying results than a one-man army. This applies to many walks of life including music. Producing through a collaborative effort can bring in many amazing results. The power of collaboration in music has also … Continue reading “Experiencing Musical Success through Collaboration”

Some Common Questions about Song Writing Answered

Writing a song may look easy when considered superficially. However in order to create your own songs online you must write lyrics that communicate feelings strongly without going overboard. The intended message must be written clearly without excessive exposition. This is in fact a challenge and not every song writer who works with online music … Continue reading “Some Common Questions about Song Writing Answered”

Four Questions You Must Ask a Potential Band Member

Collaborating with musicians and lyricists from different parts of the world through the online medium has become more than common today. In the recent times, SnapJam – a real-time, online music making system launched a special campaign to create better awareness about online platforms for music making and sharing. The campaign fetched tremendous response from … Continue reading “Four Questions You Must Ask a Potential Band Member”

A Guide to Understanding Rap and Country Music

One of the important points to remember in order to succeed as a musician is to define the target audience by finding the most comfortable genre of music. Free online music making tools allow DIY musicians to experiment with different kinds of music and choose the genre that perfectly fits into their skill set. Two … Continue reading “A Guide to Understanding Rap and Country Music”

The Amazing Benefits of Musical Collaborations

Technological growth has allowed musicians to collaborate in a virtual manner irrespective of their location, time zone and schedule. Synchronous as well as asynchronous communication is possible through the virtual medium and real time collaboration to create music online has been gaining immense popularity in recent years. So why is there so much hype about … Continue reading “The Amazing Benefits of Musical Collaborations”

Simple Tips to Create a Viral Music Video

Every musician wants to know the secret behind creating a viral music video successfully. A viral music video increases the popularity of the musician by many folds and takes his confidence to the next level. However, there is no blueprint or a definite set of rules to be followed to create a viral video. The … Continue reading “Simple Tips to Create a Viral Music Video”

Avoid these Mistakes to Grow as a Musician!

A young musician has a lot of things to do in order to make his career a successful one. But did you know that there are plenty of things that a musician must NOT do in order to protect his career? Have a look through the list of common mistakes that contemporary musicians get involved … Continue reading “Avoid these Mistakes to Grow as a Musician!”

Some Tips to Distribute your Music

You can always make your own song free, but ensuring that they are distributed well to your audience is most important. If you have a record label of yourself, you will need to work out a detailed plan to ensure they are out there in the market for your listeners. As you cannot rely on … Continue reading “Some Tips to Distribute your Music”