Our Story

Ever wonder how we became SnapJam? It all started watching my son play World Of Warcraft late into the night with friends from around the world! I asked why can’t we do this with music? And we did! REAL TIME interaction all based on music and social media. Our first version of SnapJam was named after the urban beast affectionately known as rapAthorus.

We loved our rapAthorus but soon added the adorable Electronic Dance Monster to our family!

Something very interesting happened. Out of the blue we were sued by one of the world’s largest energy drink manufacturers. We prevailed and we got to keep our name and our adorable mascot!  

Finally we ended up with SnapJam. It fit perfectly. You can make a jam quickly and almost effortlessly and do it alone or with friends in REAL TIME! And to top it off you can post to almost any social media site with a single click.


Live Your Passion with Your Friends Using SNAPJAM!

This simple-to-use tool lets you make music online. Sign up for free and enjoy unlimited benefits! Kickstart your career in the music world and become a STAR!

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