Experiencing Musical Success through Collaboration

“Two heads are better than one” is a well-known adage. It is an undeniable truth that team work produces far more satisfying results than a one-man army. This applies to many walks of life including music. Producing through a collaborative effort can bring in many amazing results. The power of collaboration in music has also … Continue reading “Experiencing Musical Success through Collaboration”

A Guide to Understanding Rap and Country Music

One of the important points to remember in order to succeed as a musician is to define the target audience by finding the most comfortable genre of music. Free online music making tools allow DIY musicians to experiment with different kinds of music and choose the genre that perfectly fits into their skill set. Two … Continue reading “A Guide to Understanding Rap and Country Music”

Avoid these Mistakes to Grow as a Musician!

A young musician has a lot of things to do in order to make his career a successful one. But did you know that there are plenty of things that a musician must NOT do in order to protect his career? Have a look through the list of common mistakes that contemporary musicians get involved … Continue reading “Avoid these Mistakes to Grow as a Musician!”

Tips to have a Come Back in your Music Career

It is possible that you have tried to take off your music career and did well for a short time. But things may not be quite the same. This could be quite disheartening. But if you ask any successful musician, they will also tell you that achieving success overnight is a myth. It needs constant … Continue reading “Tips to have a Come Back in your Music Career”

How to Make Social Media Work for You

You can of course make music online free but promoting it on social media is another thing. It is seen that social media can work really well for some musicians but not so well for the others. It is possible if you know how to utilize the social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram correctly. … Continue reading “How to Make Social Media Work for You”

Some Guidelines for Planning Your Live Performance

You may be using free online music making tools to make music, but if you are planning for a live performance, you will need proper planning. A live performance must come across as effortless and yet is should be well worked out with minute details in a way that the performance looks impressive. It is … Continue reading “Some Guidelines for Planning Your Live Performance”

Have fun making music online!

The most Powerful & Free Online Music Composing Studio is now in your Browser Make music online absolutely free. Just relax, stay at home, create the beats using the online beat making technology. The world revolves around music and we provide the right online platform to help music lovers, composers, lyric experts make the most … Continue reading “Have fun making music online!”

The Life of a DIY Musician – Challenges and Solutions!

A DIY musician starts out with the passion to create extraordinary music. Slowly he realizes that his business acumen must be honed in addition to his musical skills to shine in the highly competitive industry. With the help of free online music making tools and an entrepreneurial drives he moves on to make a mark … Continue reading “The Life of a DIY Musician – Challenges and Solutions!”