Five Common Mistakes That Musicians Make With Social Media

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Using social platforms for marketing music is the best way to build a brand and connect with a wider customer base. To take complete advantage of social media, musicians must avoid the following mistakes.

1) Choosing irrelevant social platforms

There are multiple social media websites available today but not every website is relevant and useful to musicians. For instance, Instagram has millions of users and it also rose to popularity within a short time span. However, it cannot be considered 100% appropriate and relevant for musicians as it does not support any music-specific features. Choose a social media platform that is exclusively dedicated for music communities and then marketing your compositions will become extremely easy.

2) Musicians fail to ask questions

Do not be a just a silent observer on social media. Shoot out your opinions and learn more from fellow musicians. Engage in healthy conversations and debates and interact with other members of the community regularly. Musicians who are active on social platforms find it easier to market their songs and videos.

3) Some musicians do not share enough content

To stay active and in vogue, musicians must regularly share their videos and songs with other members. This allows the musician to obtain genuine feedback which can be used for the improvisation of their newer creations. Social media must not simply serve as a platform that offers access to view and review other’s work but must also be used to post content that is considered “shareable”.

4) There is no variety in the posts

Musicians must not post videos and songs from a single genre only. To show more variety in your posts note the following steps.

a) Start by choosing a good music mixer online with social sharing capabilities.

b) Use the mixer features to experiment with different sounds and music instruments and create songs for different genres.

c) Post the song onto different social platforms by using the music mixer online. Throw is some interesting pictures (like pictures with fans) occasionally to avoid monotony.

5) Do not overdo things

Promoting your videos and songs on social media is preferred to staying humble and quiet. But musicians must draw the fine line between doing and overdoing things. Posting too many messages and creating songs without a motive can annoy fans and erode your exclusivity.

While there is no blueprint for viral marketing of videos, using social media efficiently is a great way to get your songs out into the world effectively. Independent musicians certainly need a good social platform to achieve greater heights in their career.Musicians must avoid the above mistakes to ensure that their social media stint is as successful as possible.

Author Bio: Roxna Gail is a music student who has a strong passion towards blogging. She uses the music mixer online to churn out her creations regularly. Also, she takes advantage of the mixer to share her videos across different social media websites.

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