Five YouTube Tips that Every Musician Must Know

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In the digital era, where are there are multiple digital resources like online music apps, music streaming services and music mixer online, YouTube stands tall as a potential source of promoting your music to the whole wide world. From building a fan base to garnering genuine criticism, YouTube is a great platform for independent musicians working across different genres.

Read on to find out some simple tips to take advantage of this online medium efficiently.

Prepare an EPK interview

EPK also called as Electronic Press Kit is a video that offers sample tit-bits of your music and answers to the most basic interview questions such as who you are; what kind of music you create, what is your unique style and so on. In other words, this video acts like a bio-data of the independent musician. Apart from YouTube, the video can be posted to music blogs and other similar forums for maximum exposure.

Add some cover videos too

Creating cover videos of popular numbers is an easy way to grab the attention of music lovers who belong to your genre. Use the music mixer online to create some magical remixes and publish them to your YouTube channel. The use of online music applications is recommended for this purpose as they are very versatile in terms of adding different sound types and adding videos becomes extremely easy too.

Collaborate and connect with the community of independent musicians

When you create a music video using the online music application and post it to YouTube and other social media channels, look for chances to connect with other musicians in these forums. Making connections opens up your music to a wider customer base and making new friends within the same community can be beneficial in the long run.

Take to “vlogging”

Apart from the EPK and the cover videos and remixes, add a more personal touch to your YouTube marketing strategy with video-blogs also called “vlogs”. Add videos about answering fan queries or talk about popular music trending news or simply share your most recent composition with a small prelude on what inspired you to compose the same. Vlogging through YouTube is simple and it is the best platform to connect with the outside world in the most personal way.

Try out some acoustic videos too

Acoustic videos are edgy, personal and real and this is why the social media community loves these videos. Try creating some acoustic videos without any of the flashy earphones or out-of-the-ordinary flash lights and simply try and connect to the audience by publishing them through your YouTube channel.

YouTube has been in existence for over a decade and by combining this powerful tool with other online music applications, independent musicians can drive their career growth faster than ever.

Sabru Evans has been a part of the music world for the past 10 years. He composes music, writes his own lyrics and also enjoys working as a DJ with the help of the music mixer online during rare occasions. He writes blogs and articles during his leisure time.

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