Now Merge Your Songs Online Easily!

There are times when you might want to create a remix and want to join several songs together to either play in a radio station, a party or in a function.

Just like you can now find various applications online to help you make free music online, there are also applications available online that can help to merge songs.

Here is a guide on how you can merge unlimited songs online and customize them easily.

Merging Songs

The easiest way to merge songs in to one composition is by using an online audio joiner app. The audio joiner app is very easy to use with the following guidelines.

  • Open the File: Just open the application in the browser and select the songs you wish to merge. You can do so by clicking on “Open File” option and picking the audio file or files you wish to upload. The files get uploaded automatically. You will then see the sound wave of the song you have uploaded. The songs can be in any format – MP3 or M4A or OGG or WAV or any other. Usually the audio joiner app supports over 150 audio formats.
  • Select the Song: Now if you wish to select a part of the song, you can do so by dragging the blue bars on both sides, get the part of the song you want and click on “Cut” button.
  • Join the Song: After cutting the song or part of the song you want, you can join the songs by using the “Audio Joiner” option in the application.
  • Upload the Songs: If you press “Add Track” button, you will be able to upload the songs you wish. You can also change the order of the tracks by pressing down key with Ctrl.

Even if you have a video file, you can get the audio extracted from there easily and upload it. You can also record a video and extract the audio from it with the help of these applications.

Adjusting Intervals

You can also adjust the intervals between each song by

  • Creating Intervals: Extending the blue sliders of the track with the cursor and get the options of joining the tracks by selecting the square buttons available at the side of the tracks.
  • Fading: You can have the first track fading out and the next one fading in and finally   becoming louder. You can also have the next track louder while the last one fading into silence. There are also options where there will be no change in volume at all. You can choose as per your need.

There are many audio editing applications available online. Each application may have its own features which may be unique. You can choose one that works best for your exact needs.

Author: Tijs Michiel Verwest, is Dutch and known as “the Greatest DJ of All Time” by the MixMag magazine. He also produces records and is known by his nickname – “Tiësto”. He uses online applications to merge songs and make free music online.

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