Our Story

Ever wonder how we became SnapJam? It all started watching my son play World Of Warcraft late into the night with friends from around the world! I asked why can’t we do this with music? And we did! REAL TIME interaction all based on music and social media. Our first version of SnapJam was named … Continue reading “Our Story”

All about Cloud Based Music Studio

With the emergence of online music tools and production services, the artists are now easily able to record and edit with the help of their web browsers itself. This has given the artists a lot of exciting options and possibilities to make music online free. What does a Cloud Based Music Studio Need? A cloud … Continue reading “All about Cloud Based Music Studio”

Six Common Questions About Online Music Making Applications Answered!

Technology has greatly influenced the music industry and one of its strongest implications is the online music making application. Apart from allowing the musicians to make music online free, these chic applications are filled with loads of amazing features and a friendly interface.

Everything You Want to Know about Virtual Instruments

As more and more musicians take to digital music making applications, they are exposed to a whole of bunch of virtual instruments and tools. In fact, access to virtual instruments is considered as one of the biggest advantages of these music making applications that allow both amateurs and veterans to make music online free. So, … Continue reading “Everything You Want to Know about Virtual Instruments”

Four Psychological Skills You Must Master to be a Successful Musician

To be a successful musician, one needs more than just practice. With over a hundred tools and the facility to make music online free, musicians in the digital era are growing rapidly. The competition in the industry is increasingby the day and it is important for musicians to imbibe certain psychological traits to cope up … Continue reading “Four Psychological Skills You Must Master to be a Successful Musician”