Reasons for Failure of a Talented Musician

Success can mean different to different people. In the music industry also, it can be quite a quest for success. Especially if you are aiming to become like an existing star. Although it is important to become good at your instruments and great at your music, but this is not all. The music industry today is highly competitive. You might find that even though your competitor might not even be as good as you but may charge more than you, and could be even more popular than you.

The reasons can be many. Below, we have aimed to list out a few of the important reasons why a talented musician might fail:

Lacking Originality

You might be able to make music online free and might believe that you are good at creating music, but there are more than just theses kills required to become a successful musician. You need originality and creativity in your music as well. Maybe it is that you are trying to play safe and practicing at home by comparing yourself with other bands and practicing too much like others. This could be even burning you up.

Remember that you don’t need to be rich or skilled to be different and original. All you need is to be bold and dedicated to your music. Spend more time in thinking of ways that you can be different from others and be remembered for it by your audience.

Don’t settle for mediocrity at any cost. Go for bigger goals by working on your strengths and giving your efforts for what you believe in.


In your aim to become a popular singer by doing many performances, it is quite possible that you have been putting aside many other important things to do. For e.g. working on your social media and informing all your contacts on what you do, or about your next tour or your next performance. Maybe that you have a great song and an idea for an album, but you have been putting it off for a good day to start working.

Getting an idea into action can be difficult at times, especially if you are busy with other issues. However, for your career they are the more important and must be started immediately. The best way to do it is by writing a “To Do” list.

Life’s Problems

It is always possible that during the career of a musician, there could be personal problems coming in the way. They can be in the form of family issues, financial constraints or health issues. It can be quite stressful to handle these issues when you are rising as a star. Sometimes you might feel like quitting everything. But remember that it is not talent, but being resilient that will make you a successful musician.

Author: Sam Smith is a British singer and was born in 1992. He started singing at a very early age. His first song “Latch” was featured in 2012 and just after that “Lay Me Down” was also released. He also works with other artists to make music online free and enjoys collaborating with them.

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