Some Guidelines for Planning Your Live Performance

You may be using free online music making tools to make music, but if you are planning for a live performance, you will need proper planning. A live performance must come across as effortless and yet is should be well worked out with minute details in a way that the performance looks impressive. It is obvious that you have learnt your songs well and remember your lyrics and music. But it is equally important that you have well thought of all the steps of your live performance as this cannot be recorded and played again.

The below mentioned steps will help you prepare for your performance and become a sensation amongst your audience.

1. Understanding about your location: A stadium or a large stage can be quite different from a restaurant or a small coffee shop. Hence it is important to understand what would be the list of things you will need for your performance in this location and how the vibes of the location can help you perform better.

2. Plan the timing for your Songs: You must clock the time you will need for each of your songs. You must plan as to how many songs you can play along with the time given for audience applause, adjustments of the stage, instruments as well as introduction. This may need a bit of calculation but you will become better at it as you keep doing more and more such performances. You must also keep a couple of additional songs in your sleeves in case the audience wishes for you to sing more. You will by now also learn which of your songs gets you a better response. Such songs can be used during the peak when you wish to create a sensation in the show.

3. Understand Equipment Possibilities: Sometimes the venue might not have the possibility of using your equipment like ipad or musical instruments as the location might not support the same voltage. Hence, you must do a prior check and plan alternate options.

4. Do a Sound Check: Always do a sound check prior to the performance to evaluate if your performance will be of your standard. The sound engineer should be able to help you with this. He will be able to synchronize the band instruments with your style and pitch such that you get the output you have planned. This part is very important to practice since a performance can look like a drag if the sound systems are not planned well. At the same time, it could also become a rocking performance.

Author: Demetria Devonne “Demi” Lovato is a well-known actress, songwriter and singer from America. She started with a debut in Barney & Friends as a child actress. Then later she came into the limelight in the year 2008. She was starred in Camp Rock – a Disney Channel TV film. She has used free online music making tools for creating her songs and believes that these tools if used efficiently, can do well for an upcoming artist.

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