Throwback to EDM DJ’s; Our top 3 Favorites!

Since its Thursday and we love our #EDM why not take it back old school to some throwback artists that set the tone for what we see today in the industry! So here goes, our TOP 3 throwback DJ’s!

Up first, DJ Santana! Born and raised in Tampa area, DJ Santana got his start literally the old school way, on two turntables and mixer and started making mixes at a local skating rink per his bio. So why did we go old school with Santana…. Just take a listen and you’ll understand why the way he mixes old and new, and adds flare in so seamlessly.  The background mixes he adds to today’s pop are layered with precision. You can’t help but want to add him to your daily play list. These days you can find him mixing in multiple clubs around the Tampa Bay Area every night. If you are ever in the area, you would do well to stop in grab a drink and enjoy it first hand.

Can you say inventor, influential and experimental! That’s the words that describe DJ DISK! Yes we went there. Why, his connections to early electronic music say it all. As a native of San Francisco early on he connected with DJ Q-Bert and Rock Steady Crew and that set off a career that would still be influencing the industry today, especially with the “inventing the 2 Click Orbit, The Crab, the echo fade technique and the 2 Click Flare Lazer Orbit techniques”.  Here’s a small taste of what you’ve been missing.

Last but not least , DJ Tony Faline! As long as you have been a fan of EDM or Dance Music, Tony had to be on the top of your list for the best. Faline is still blowing us away with his tantalizing backdrop beats, of which you can hear in his latest YOUTUBE track. Listed on are some of Tony’s most recent and favorites. We love to see artists still in the biz after so many years, and not only that, bringing great sounds to the table.

The best part is that on SnapJam, you get you get to create just like your favorites listed above, free. You  don’t have to spend thousands in equipment to be able to have fun, create music and make your DJ or music making dreams a reality! Step on over to the site and send us your best beat mixes!

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