Avoid these Mistakes to Grow as a Musician!

A young musician has a lot of things to do in order to make his career a successful one. But did you know that there are plenty of things that a musician must NOT do in order to protect his career?

Have a look through the list of common mistakes that contemporary musicians get involved with. Remember these mistakes can have a serious impact on their career and in the worst case it can ruin the complete career of the musician.

1) Doing too many things for free

During the initial career days, musicians do a thing or two for free. For example, they make use of free online music making tools to create new songs and offer them for free to different types of audiences. Using the free tools is a great practice and musicians can take advantage of these applications throughout their career. However, offering songs for free in order to gain popularity is not recommended. Musicians may get their first break after many years but offering one’s songs for free or for less will only tarnish the image of the musician.

2) Focusing on people outside the target audience

When you start your career as a musician you need to have a plan in place and must define your target audience distinctly. By doing this you will be able to focus on the best interests of your target audience without worrying too much about people outside your target. Obviously you do not want to attempt music that you are not familiar with and waste your precious time convincing other categories of music lovers. However, you can use music making application to share all types of music and make your name a familiar one among all types of people.

3) Making irrelevant marketing investment

Music marketing is important but it is not mandatory that you need a special marketing consultant during the initial stages. Find an online music making application that includes features like social media sharing, posting of favorite songs for followers, keeping in touch with fans and so on. With the help of a powerful virtual platform one can conquer borders easily and without any hassles.

4) Doing things only for the sale of money

While doing too many free things can affect one’s career, the same happens from being overly influenced by money. Music fetches good monetary benefits only when you engage the right approach. Being too dependent on money and expecting to be paid for every single action does not work in one’s favor. Find out the most ethical ways to earn money through your creations and do not hesitate to go an extra mile for free if the opportunity holds high growth potential.

Author Bio: Uma Doris was born in India and is an expert pianist. She holds a Masters Degree in Classical Music and works with free online music making tools to create soul soothing songs. She loves experimenting with different instruments and is all set to take up her Doctorate degree in classical music.

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