Exciting Benefits of Using Music Making Apps

With 1.2 billion apps downloaded in the year 2012 and sale of tablets projected to be 450 million in the next 3 years, mobile movement has helped many processes to become easier in the recent times. It is definitely useful for musicians to be able to make digital music on mobiles or other handheld devices … Continue reading “Exciting Benefits of Using Music Making Apps”

Six Tips for Flawless Audio Mixing

The process of collecting multiple tracks and blending them by using various processes like panning and adding time-based effects too is called audio mixing.  The aim of mixing multiple tracks is to arrive at an arrangement that makes the maximum sense for each track that has been mixed. Music making applications that allow users to … Continue reading “Six Tips for Flawless Audio Mixing”

Four Interesting Things That Young Children can do with an Online Music Making Application

With the new trends in music and with the availability of free online music making tools, there are now exciting ways for kids to explore the fun of composing their own music and feeling empowered! These tools are a great way to open possibilities for them towards art and music and can help to hone … Continue reading “Four Interesting Things That Young Children can do with an Online Music Making Application”

What Are the Key Advantages of Using an Online Music Mixer

Remixing songs created by online mixers is an easy way to create a completely new music with just a few clicks. And if you are a DJ or love creating music, then trying online music mixers to create your kind of music is one thing you got to try out! Remixing gives you a chance … Continue reading “What Are the Key Advantages of Using an Online Music Mixer”

All about Cloud Based Music Studio

With the emergence of online music tools and production services, the artists are now easily able to record and edit with the help of their web browsers itself. This has given the artists a lot of exciting options and possibilities to make music online free. What does a Cloud Based Music Studio Need? A cloud … Continue reading “All about Cloud Based Music Studio”

How can online music applications with social sharing capabilities help growing musicians?

Social media has grown into an important tool in the world of music and musicians use the platform to connect with their fans. Today, many new music making applications have emerged and they allow musicians to make music online and also act as great platform for social collaboration with fans and peers.

The Smartest Tips to be a Fantastic DJ

A DJ can make a decent living by honing down the art. A good DJ, however, does not get to that place without pitfalls and road bumps as the industry is one of the hardest to crack. Today, anyone can get access to the hardware, DJ mixer online and other related applications thus making it … Continue reading “The Smartest Tips to be a Fantastic DJ”

Key Things Every Musician Must Do Besides Making Music

Is music the heart and soul of your life? Have you been involved with music since your early childhood days? Are you craving to build a solid career in the music world? If you have answered “yes” to all the above questions, then it is probably time to explore certain arenas that beyond music making. … Continue reading “Key Things Every Musician Must Do Besides Making Music”

How to get your first break in the music industry with social media?

The rules of breaking big into the music industry have changed. Technology has taken the center stage and social media has turned into a beacon that guides the emerging musicians through the right direction. Here is a list of tips to use social media in your favor.