How to Make Social Media Work for You

You can of course make music online free but promoting it on social media is another thing. It is seen that social media can work really well for some musicians but not so well for the others. It is possible if you know how to utilize the social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram correctly.

Read below to know tips that can help you become popular on social media.


Social media is not just about posting your next tour or show information. Your fans want to feel close to your music and connect with you. Hence, you must not only post images or videos of your tours and shows but open up a bit more. Of course, you don’t really need to provide them all the intimate information about your life, but you can give them some insights about you as a person e.g. what you feel as a singer behind these posts. You can also track messages sent to your fans to know which posts they like and send similar messages next time.


One of the most seen reasons for popular artists on social media is that they behave like a human. The artists that are open as well as humorous get to become most popular. Most of your fans appreciate this type of personality in their favorite singer.

You could try to share with your fans the “behind the scenes” stories to give them a more engaging material. For example, you could share with them live streaming of what goes on at the backstage or the after the show celebrations at your home or with friends. This will show to them that you wish to share your life with them and also appreciate their support. You must always be open in answering their questions and thank them whenever required.


There could be times when you might have an urge to share a certain kind of feeling with your fans. For e.g. feeling of pride, sadness, nostalgia or even shock. If you can trust your instincts, then you must surely go ahead. Do not think too much about it. Even if you feel like sharing something where you are making fun of yourself, it’s fine. This will make them feel that you are genuine in your emotions.

Sometimes you might also feel like sharing things that do not really concern you. It could be some of your hobbies or your band’s outdoor activities besides singing. But remember, the idea is to share things that are indirectly conveying who you and your band artists are as people.

If you share activities that your fans might also be doing, it is good to share them in social media. Your fans want to know that you are just like them and do the same things they do. This will make you more popular and make them your friend.

Author: Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, known more as “Plumb” on stage, is a well-known recording artist, songwriter, performer and an author. She has more than 500,000 albums and 2 million singles to her credit worldwide. She has also co-written songs for many artists like Michelle Branch, Mandy Moore, Natalie Grand. She also got their music for many of the television shows and films. She has also helped them make music online free.

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