How to get your first break in the music industry with social media?

The rules of breaking big into the music industry have changed. Technology has taken the center stage and social media has turned into a beacon that guides the emerging musicians through the right direction. Here is a list of tips to use social media in your favor.

Five Ways to Take Advantage of an Online Music Making Application

In the contemporary music world, there are many web-based applications that help young musicians to create music online and to share it within their community members. However, an advanced music making application has more to offer and acts as a great starting point to spark off a smashing career.

We’ve only just begun!

Dancing, Electric, Lights, Crowds; all indicators there’s an EDM artist playing and you may nor may not be feeling the music internally from the hitting of the bass. But what other way is there to experience the electronic dance music movement?! That’s the sense you get when you jump onto the SnapJam page and mix … Continue reading “We’ve only just begun!”