How to get your first break in the music industry with social media?

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The rules of breaking big into the music industry have changed. Technology has taken the center stage and social media has turned into a beacon that guides the emerging musicians through the right direction. Here is a list of tips to use social media in your favor.

Tip 1: Be smart with your choice of social media

FaceBook has over a billion users globally but does it have any music specific features? The answer is no except for some pages and apps. Generic social platforms allow sharing music with friends and peers. However this is not just enough if you are looking for a tool that can give you a big break. Choose social platforms that are completely dedicated to the use of musicians. From allowing the musician to create music online to adding lyrics to collaborating with band members on the other side of the globe (on a real time basis) the social media must pack some of the most powerful music-specific tools.

Tip 2:  Create a strong online presence

When you choose the right social platform to create music online and share your songs, the next step would be to utilize the tool to its fullest. If the application offers help with lyric writing or with adding videos, use it. When you create your profile with the application, you can start posting all the songs that you have created using the app. Publish blogs and keep yourself engaged with various features of the app. You must stay 100% active and work on adding more and more followers to your profile.

Tip 3: Keep an eye on competition

The social media platform witnesses a lot of fresh talent emerge every day. Keep a tab on the new musicians and growing bands to understand where you stand. Once you have assessed your position and potential among the stiff competition, you must work on filling the gap. Listen to the songs of the competitors (for free) and understand how they have established their songs. Adapt your method of working based on the competition out there. For instance, if you think there is a particular genre of music that remains to be untapped and it is one of your favorites too, then that is a sign.

Tip 4: Build your network

After all, social media platforms are meant to provide the opportunity of networking with like-minded individuals. Start your free trial with the right platform today and connect with individuals who complement your skill set. Together as a team, you would be well-prepared for a breakthrough in the music industry.

When you start to work on these tips religiously, then your chance of getting noticed becomes higher. Your songs become popular and your entry into the music world becomes inevitable.

Florence Dennis is all about finding the best ways to create music online. A sound engineer by profession, she believes that the face of music has been greatly influenced by technology and social media has grown into the single most powerful marketing tool for musicians.

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