A Beginner’s Guide to Composing Music

Composing or writing music for the very first time may seem a little intimidating. With so many factors like harmony, rhythm and symphony to be worried about, getting the ball rolling is indeed a challenge. This article will highlight the most important steps involved in composing music. At the end of the article, you will … Continue reading “A Beginner’s Guide to Composing Music”

Exciting Benefits of Using Music Making Apps

With 1.2 billion apps downloaded in the year 2012 and sale of tablets projected to be 450 million in the next 3 years, mobile movement has helped many processes to become easier in the recent times. It is definitely useful for musicians to be able to make digital music on mobiles or other handheld devices … Continue reading “Exciting Benefits of Using Music Making Apps”

All about Cloud Based Music Studio

With the emergence of online music tools and production services, the artists are now easily able to record and edit with the help of their web browsers itself. This has given the artists a lot of exciting options and possibilities to make music online free. What does a Cloud Based Music Studio Need? A cloud … Continue reading “All about Cloud Based Music Studio”

Six Common Questions About Online Music Making Applications Answered!

Technology has greatly influenced the music industry and one of its strongest implications is the online music making application. Apart from allowing the musicians to make music online free, these chic applications are filled with loads of amazing features and a friendly interface.

Five Ways to Take Advantage of an Online Music Making Application

In the contemporary music world, there are many web-based applications that help young musicians to create music online and to share it within their community members. However, an advanced music making application has more to offer and acts as a great starting point to spark off a smashing career.

Are You Getting Noticed, Dear DJ?

You may have been a DJ at a few parties over the past years. DJing may have started out as a way of earning some extra cash and may have ultimately turned into a passion. Or maybe you are now dreaming of becoming a great DJ some day! No matter where you stand, the only … Continue reading “Are You Getting Noticed, Dear DJ?”

How Can Online Music Applications With Social Sharing Capabilities Help Growing Musicians?

Social media has grown into an important tool in the world of music and musicians use the platform to connect with their fans. Today, many new music making applications have emerged and they allow musicians to make music online and also act as great platform for social collaboration with fans and peers.

Four Psychological Skills You Must Master to be a Successful Musician

To be a successful musician, one needs more than just practice. With over a hundred tools and the facility to make music online free, musicians in the digital era are growing rapidly. The competition in the industry is increasingby the day and it is important for musicians to imbibe certain psychological traits to cope up … Continue reading “Four Psychological Skills You Must Master to be a Successful Musician”

Four Effective Ways to Expose Your Music Online

The Internet has brought about a mammoth change into the world of music in the last decade. No matter what genre of music you like and make, every budding musician relies upon the power of the internet to grow his career. Have you ever wondered about the various ways in which you can take advantage … Continue reading “Four Effective Ways to Expose Your Music Online”

Five YouTube Tips that Every Musician Must Know

In the digital era, where are there are multiple digital resources like online music apps, music streaming services and music mixer online, YouTube stands tall as a potential source of promoting your music to the whole wide world. From building a fan base to garnering genuine criticism, YouTube is a great platform for independent musicians … Continue reading “Five YouTube Tips that Every Musician Must Know”